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Miami-Dade County TV, Film and Entertainment Production Incentive Program


The TV, Film and Entertainment Production Incentive is a performance-based grant program that is based on Miami-Dade County-centric criteria.

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South Dade More-to-Explore Tour


Discover the many hidden gems South Dade has to offer, from historic estates with waterfalls to lush, tropical fields and wetlands. Take a virtual tour and explore your next production location.


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News & Events

Slamdance Miami Oct 28 - 30, 2021
Slamdance Miami is the lovechild of the Miami arts scene and Slamdance, the rebellious film festival-turned-nonprofit that supports and amplifies the vision of emerging filmmakers everywhere. More...


The Miami-Dade County Office of Film & Entertainment is raising its film permit fee from $100 to $125 as of October 18, 2021.
This rate increase will help offset the cost of maintenance and operation of the film permitting system. More...

Award-Winning Miami Production “The Woman Under The Tree” to be Released Worldwide on Apple TV in August
In the midst of a successful festival run, the short film The Woman Under The Tree, co-written and produced by Miami filmmakers Roberto Donoso and Prashant Thakker, finds a home on Apple TV and iTunes in 87 countries starting August 4, 2021. More...

New Film Ordinance

The Miami-Dade County Office of Film & Entertainment is announcing some important changes to the ordinance that governs film/photo projects in Miami-Dade County.
Civil Penalties and Revocation of Film/Photo Permit
Determination of Requirement to Issue a Film/Photo Permit Depends on Physical Impact



FilMiami wins national award for its Magic City Music Tour map
The Miami-Dade Office of Film & Entertainment has received the prestigious 2021 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award for its Magic City Music Tour virtual interactive map. The NACo awards program honor innovative, effective county government programs that strengthen services for residents, and the Magic City Music Tour won in the category of Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation.


Telemundo Properties and Wardrobe Departments are proud to open their inventories to the TV, film, commercial, music video and event industries.

· Telemundo warehouse has the largest, most diverse collection of props in Florida
· Over 100,000 square feet of props and wardrobe
· Over 200,000 prop items and 60,000 wardrobe items
· Diverse inventories built over 18 years of productions, with 1000’s of items being added every year.
· Offerings range from antiques and mid-century modern, to the most modern pieces of furniture you can find
· All properties and wardrobe are stored in climate-controlled environments and organized for a superior customer experience
· Short and project-based rentals available

For More information: 

305 thrive

The Miami-Dade County Office of Film & Entertainment is open for business and issuing film/photo permits!
The Office of Film & Entertainment is operating at normal capacity but currently is closed for in-person meetings.
For assistance, as always, we may be contacted at 305-375-3288.
Permit Coordinators:
Dee Belz, 
Jeanie Lisenby, 
Film & Entertainment Commissioner:
Sandy Lighterman, 

Get Listed - Help us help you get hired!

 The Reel FilMiami directory is a free service for both crew and vendors in South Florida. All fields with an * are required. You need to choose at least one category and affiliation. You can list your credits, add a photo and link to your website or IMDB credits. The old production guide has been discontinued.  


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